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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

New Paintings/Adult Novel: We Play You

Feelings of Plenty: Ocean Guard. (Detail) Oil on Canvas.
5'x9' Approx. price: $18,000.00 Duncan Weller
Fire Fish. Oil on Canvas. 3'x3' $750.00
$750.00  Duncan Weller
With the use of a studio/gallery space (118 Cumberland St. S.) and a quiet apartment in which to focus on writing I'm in the unique position of being able to balance painting and writing as a full time writer/artist. (Special Thanks to Ahti Tolvanen!) I've got a good chunk of a novel completed for adults called We Play You inspired by current political events and a true story of a con artist who steals art by shutting down his galleries. The con artist is connected to an investment company dealing in stolen art worldwide. When a young artist has his work stolen and discovers that the police have no interest in helping him, he gathers up other victims and they take down the con artists and the investment company causing unexpected political havoc and violence. I'm taking the time out from my middle reader projects as I feel it's important to take on current issues involving the Alt Right, Fake News, the resurgence of tribalism and the use of art as a political tool of the 1%. As for painting, I've been asked to show at two local restaurants, which is perfect timing for me as I'm trying to complete a couple larger paintings and start two new series of paintings in new styles. I will be filling five locations in town! The new work is all for sale. My illustrations work for my children's books is not for sale. I require the work for shows and for selling books. The two new lines of work will feature stylized animals, portraits and dynamic figurative works. I'll post them here when completed.

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