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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Beautiful University of Ghana

On my second day in Accra, Ghana, I have already met a number of wonderful people who have been beneficial to my education and research for the book. I was surprised by the number of very old and crumbling books in the University of Ghana's library, but what I discovered were a number of old books that were very valuable, books I'm sure that we don't have in Canada. So, despite the condition – the red dust and worm-chewed pages, – they were very useful. For the time being I am staying at the Guest House on campus, which is a lovely place surrounded by trees. I look forward to the days ahead in Accra.

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  1. More library pictures?

    It can be hard for some libraries in Africa to get books - particularly in non-European languages. Also, shipping them in is difficult, since there's not the same printing & publishing infrastructure we're used to.
    I found that the cost of a paperback book in Kigali was about the same as it would cost in Canada, where the cost of say a meal or lodgings for the night was much, much less. Relatively so much more expensive, even for the well off.
    Is that also the case in Accra?