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Monday, 2 April 2012

Hiroko's Amazing Lunch! Hello New Ghanaian Food Choices

Hiroko Yoneyama came to my workshop 2 weeks ago. She invited me to lunch to talk about publishers and books. Using all locally grown foods, Hiroko's new food creations are a much healthier alternative to the typically oily and fattening Ghanaian food choices. Hiroko is a vegetarian. Many of the vegetables in Ghana are expensive and have to be imported. As one professor here said, his A list vegetables are difficult to find in Accra. Lunch consisted of 1. (the soup) Ayayo (Molokheiya) Egyptian soup. 2. Fried plantains with babara been (groundnut) Mexican sauce. 3 Avacado dip with pita bread + spices. 4. Steamed vegetable salad with ponzu (juices pressed from lemon and lime in soy sauce). And the dish below is: 5. Coconut milk with Asian tapioca. It was one of the best lunches I've ever had. A Ghanaian friend who has started a restaurant is testing Hiroko's new creations on the public. I'm organizing a party to visit on Friday night. Should be awesome.


  1. This is also a lovely picture - of your lunch. It looks delicious. And so colourful!

  2. It looks good. Can you tell me which restaurant would prepare this wonderful meal Ms.Yoneyama made. I miss Ghana, my friend from Japan will come up and also I am planning to bring more people from here to Ghana so this information is very helpful. Please let me know the name of the restaurant. Thanks

  3. Hello Ruth! You can contact Hiroko directly at yhiroko@f1.octv.ne.jp . She will be happy to send you a map with directions to the cafe, and arrange a meal for your friends. The Nabuku cafe (foundation for the arts) is near the University of Ghana off of Legon Rd.