Saturday 17 March 2012

Ghana's First Cultural Forum/ Reading to Children

In the Kathy Knowles Library in Accra (Osu district) I read a few stories, using my projector for the first time. Text and images are projected together so children can read along. A white marker-board became the screen in the doorway of a giant blue shipping container that is part of the library. Kathy Knowles (Canadian from Winnipeg) has set up six such libraries in Ghana, (amongst other programs) and filled them with thousands of books. Kathy has also published children's books. The profits remain in Ghana to support reading and writing programs. I was happy to contribute, and time willing, I may do a few more readings. 
The same day, Manu Herbstein invited me to the official launch of the Ghana Culture Forum at the National Theatre. After speeches, and interesting statements from a concerned audience about Ghanaian culture, there was drumming and dancing. In the picture below, on the far left behind the tripod (you can just make out his solid gold staff) is a chief (king). Manu Herbstein (author of Ama) is on the right.