Sunday 25 February 2024

Along with my partner, Tracy Pinet and help from Carol Cooper we have launched our publishing company with a website: Visit the website for details. I haven't printed a new book almost ten years, but I've been busy writing and illustrating them. I tried a number of times to find a publisher, but winning awards, selling thousands of books on my own, and getting nearly a hundred thousand dollars worth of OAC grants over the years doesn't seem to matter to Canadian publishers. And now some publishers won't accept submissions from white men. Seriously! Only BIPOC allowed is stated on some websites. So, after all these years, not being given much of a choice, I've started up my own publishing company and will be working with a number of local artists and writers to represent our region and eventually the entire country. I've got a couple of investors interested, so we're almost ready to roll. We just have to print our books and in a few months and you will find us at every market and outlet we can sign up for. The website will change as we progress. We'll hit the road in the summer to bring books to cities between here and Winnipeg. In Winnipeg we'll be looking for partners as well to access the larger population there. Please wish us luck. It's a difficult and risky business, fraught with challenges and believe it or not, real enemies. Deep seated envy creates ideologies which spreads and creates monsters. Any success we have will only make it worse as there are people primed to hate upon popular culture, which is what we want to produce, albeit the best kind of pop culture, that which endeavours to explore our liberal humanism in an entertaining way.