Wednesday 25 April 2012

Roermond, Venlo, and a Kid's Party

At Nicole's bookstore in Roermond a customer selects a book for his child. Nicole introduced me to a Japanese method of telling stories in a theatre-like format. Nicole, Barbara and I, like many customers hang out for coffee and tell our own stories. 

Gerard, Barbara (my hosts and friends), and I try out a Greek restaurant in Roermond. Gerard's nephews, Baer and Sjraar have a birthday on the same day. Friends come over and we take a group of kids to the park. I have some Ragu and a Dutch hotdog while we watch a soccer game. The photo of the young woman on a bicycle below is just a sample of the many women, professional and otherwise who ride bikes everywhere. Wow! Men do too, but I don't notice them as much. I love Holland for the bikes and lanes. I wish we could have more of Holland in Canada.