Monday 16 April 2012

Arrival in Europe

Welcome to Europe. After a month in Africa, and entering the airport at Frankfurt one is struck by huge contrasts. It felt like I was entering a film set of a science fiction film - everything was huge, shiny, clean, and cool - but a little antiseptic, as if everything of the natural world had been swept away. (Welcome to Modernism!) When I left the airport by train the beautiful fields and old buildings came into view, I felt better connected and more comfortable. The photos of the "e" symbol and the shop with the big hole (above) I took 3 years ago when in Frankfurt. The Rabobank outside of Roermond looks robotic. The oval building is a clothing store in Eindhoven. Below, the vending machine distributes underwear, not pop. I snapped the downtown picture of Roermond (where I am currently staying with friends, Barbara and Gerard). I met them three years ago at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy. Leaving Dusseldorf, Gerard's brother's son, Sjraar, plays the drums in his home in Venlo.