Wednesday 28 July 2021


At the Valhalla and Victoria Inn, here in Thunder Bay I gave away over a hundred books to the children of evacuees from Deer Lake and Poplar Hill. As I write there are over a 117 fires in Northwestern Ontario. As much as the elders want their people to return home as soon as possible, the evacuees could be here for weeks. A variety of emergency services from all over the province have been instrumental in the evacuees welfare. With so little rain this summer the situation won't get better soon. The well from which my friends and I are watering our little community garden is down to three feet from eight feet a month ago. We're bringing water from home to compensate. Hope for rain. 

There's a new bookstore in Thunder Bay; Entershine! In the Bay/Algoma central hotspot the bookstore is sure to do well. A partnership with four owners their selection of books will quickly grow over time. It's a great place to get quality books, including mine, along with many other local authors. 

Fish is back in town! A regular participant in the Definitely Superior Art Gallery and DieActive community, Fish is a visual artist, writer, model, downhill long-boarder and provocateur. Here she has painted her long-board and made the leather strap contraption that holds her books and sundry other items.