Monday 2 April 2012

Hiroko's Amazing Lunch! Hello New Ghanaian Food Choices

Hiroko Yoneyama came to my workshop 2 weeks ago. She invited me to lunch to talk about publishers and books. Using all locally grown foods, Hiroko's new food creations are a much healthier alternative to the typically oily and fattening Ghanaian food choices. Hiroko is a vegetarian. Many of the vegetables in Ghana are expensive and have to be imported. As one professor here said, his A list vegetables are difficult to find in Accra. Lunch consisted of 1. (the soup) Ayayo (Molokheiya) Egyptian soup. 2. Fried plantains with babara been (groundnut) Mexican sauce. 3 Avacado dip with pita bread + spices. 4. Steamed vegetable salad with ponzu (juices pressed from lemon and lime in soy sauce). And the dish below is: 5. Coconut milk with Asian tapioca. It was one of the best lunches I've ever had. A Ghanaian friend who has started a restaurant is testing Hiroko's new creations on the public. I'm organizing a party to visit on Friday night. Should be awesome.