Sunday 27 April 2014

The 2014 Bologna Children's Book Fair this year was a great experience. I met with publishers from around the world and spent the last week sending pdfs of my books to interested parties. I met with friends, spending one week in Bologna, another in Switzerland (first time! Thanks Meejong!) and another week in Holland (Thanks Barbara and Gerard!). No volcanos erupted this time so I returned in good order to Thunder Bay to be met with three successive huge snowfalls. We've had SIX MONTHS OF WINTER!! So it was refreshing to mix with Europeans outdoors, see flowers bloom and swans in ponds. Although the benefit of winter weather is that it keeps me inside and productive I do get inspired by better climates too. European architecture, art, food, bicycle lanes, and the people are always inspiring. I'm back at work this summer to complete two very involved picture books, Lara Wood and The Chameleon Snake. Then I'll focus on Tiger Dream and other works. Too many ideas and not enough time!