Saturday 1 February 2014

Reading at St. Martins and Progress continues on Lara Wood starring Lara Wilson

For Family Literacy Day at St. Martin's School with about 200 kids brought into the new gymnasium for two one hour bouts of readings there was no time for demonstrations or much discussion. The kids were great - attentive and inquisitive. And LOUD! They read their queues for The Ugg and the Drip with gusto! Thanks to Laura Racco and St. Martin's. It was great fun for me and always a learning experience.
Lara Wood is reaching its conclusion after intermittently being worked on for the last year, adding another 14 illustration to the five illustrations I completed 15 years ago. I came across this old photograph of Lara Wilson, who posed as Lara Wood. Yes, her name inspired the name of the heroin, not Lara Croft! I gave Lara this knife to pose with and she began to goof around with it. Her mother calls me once in a blue moon to find out if I've completed the story yet. Soon! Soon!